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We're a Perfect Match, Here's Why:

 Adrenne The Business Boutique is a digital professional development start-up offering interactive support that gets YOU hired and inspired. We are a perfect match if you identify as a graduate or a professional that wants to maintain a six-figure career path in workspaces that utilize and grow your full potential. If you know you are unsatisfied with your current job and have not had a strategized or successful job search, we should be working together.  

The "ADRENNE FOUR" areas of focus are:

💫 Motivational Resume Writing

💫Personal and Professional Development 

💫Entrepreneurial Growth Strategy

💫 Specialized Business Solutions 


The Meaning & Manifestation Of Adrenne

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Gifted to Earth November 8, 1933, Returned to Eternity May 5, 1979

Our nation needs career evolution solutions for millennial professionals of color. The Economic State of Black America is suffering despite our double rate increase in collegiate graduation since 1990. The United States Joint Economic Committee states that "Black Families Earn Far Less than White Families and All Families Nationwide." Getting hired post-undergrad can be a discouraging task for the average graduate from a Historical Black College or University. The owner, Jalynn, was one of those students! Based on her journey, Adrenne emerged to help others find their place in distinguished careers after she revolutionized her entry-level career as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Administrative Assistant to a six-figure impact career in healthcare. 


Adrenne is affectionately named in honor of our owner’s grandmother, Louise Adrenne Cromartie. Although Jalynn was born over a decade after her grandmother's passing, she always shared a kindred relationship with Louise's beauty, clairvoyance, smarts, and genuine giving spirit. Grandma Louise inspires our mission to predominantly serve communities of color, promoting lifelong academic and professional growth. We celebrate her legacy as an Educator with a double Master's degree in Special Education and  Early Childhood Development. Back in her day, she was named one of the most beautiful women in Gary, Indiana. Everyone adored the Cromartie sisters. They were classy, elegant, and sophisticated. Louise was known as a spiritual woman with a gift of clairvoyance. She shared many gifts with the world, but her light was dimmed very early in life; she passed away from a chronic illness in her early 40s. She is survived by four children, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Contributing to the careers of HBCU students began as a side-hustle and manifested into a robustly stacked business solution for THE Illustrious Millennial Professional [hbcu insider]. Grandma Louise was generous with her wisdom. For this reason, we purposely keep our services offerings expansive. No matter the budget - Adrenne has a match for you. 


Jalynn Jones, MSG

Owner, Chief Resume Writer  | Los Angeles, CA

Jalynn Jones, age 27, is a Healthcare Sales and Marketing Executive who utilizes her 9-5 as a tool to grow her careerprenuer friendly professional development agency. She's an HBCU Graduate, an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman, and a Master of Gerontology. She's originally from Los Angeles, CA, but has called Atlanta, GA home since the age of 5. It will not take long to notice that Jalynn Jones is not your average businesswoman. She's an edgy change agent with a flair for social advocacy. Jalynn and her career profoundly committed to the empowerment of other small businesses and creative powerhouses offering a variety of consultative services that maximize personal growth. Adrenne. provides access to affordable advice for clients who are determined to capitalize on their brand power.


Ruth Smith, MBA 

Manager,  Client Experience &  Business Development

Born in San Bernardino and raised in Los Angeles, California. Ruth gleaned her Intellectual abilities and compassion from her Mother Louise Adrenne, an Educator and Community Advocate. Ruth has 20 years of experience with Consultative Corporate Sales and Customer Relations cultivating multi-million dollar global territories.  As a proud mother of 2 HBCU graduates, Ruth has a deep passion for continued education and entrepreneurship. Considering herself a late bloomer, Ruth completed her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies (VA) and obtained two business degrees at Shorter University.


As a 20-year medical sales expert, Ruth has successfully managed Sales Teams and developed jr. talent through collaborative leadership practices. Creating superior customer experiences and quality assurance programs is the core of Ruth’s professional mission and she applies all her industry knowledge to Adrenne - A young, yet thriving company.

Cedric Hogan

Manager, Finance and Operations 

Cedric is Adrenne’s handy-dandy finance and operations life-saver.  He spends most of his time behind the scenes leading operational growth initiatives all while implementing systems that position Adrenne for a seven-figure future. Cedric is a dual degree scholar sharing over eight years of corporate financial experience. Cedric has dedicated his career to overseeing the strategic and institutional development of individuals and businesses alike and we are elated to have the opportunity to partner with his expertise. 


Industry Affiliations 

- An Accountant

- A Sales Representative


- An Educator 

- A Human Resource Professional 


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